Resilience Sound Healing

Resilience Sound Healing

ChLBy ChL14 April 20202 Minutes

Sound Healing Resilience offers you a sound and vibrating parenthesis.

Receive high frequency vibrational patterns. So, with this Sound Healing, you connect to “the art of navigating between torrents”.
Because you can activate your own self-healing codes! So you can overcome adversity, whatever its manifestation in your life.

Deep relaxation guaranteed!

Place headphones on your ears.
The journey begins with the vibrant music of the singing crystal bowls…

Immerse yourself in this inland water
Because it is she who holds the vibrational imprints of everything you have experienced and gone through …

So let the Sound carry out its alchemical work.

The soul acts…

You are in the depths of who you are…

Regeneration Sound Healing

Regeneration Sound Healing

ChLBy ChL14 April 20202 Minutes

Sound Healing, Regeneration Sound Healing offers you a journey of 20 minutes, and this sound meditation allows you to activate vibrational codes of high frequencies with crystal singing bowls.
In fact, from one Cycle to another, this vibrational accompaniment gives you a variation of states of being conducive to the passage from one state of consciousness to another.
So, after your daily time serving the outside world, you can give yourself time for yourself and realign yourself!

Deep relaxation guaranteed

Put a helmet on your ears, the journey begins … set off on an adventure towards the New Earth and future Generations, in gentleness and kindness.

It is a time for oneself, to connect with the living of humanity, without judgment, without restriction, without shade…

Meditating with sound changes your life! Let’s change frequencies…

Sound Healing Dream Atlantean

Sound Healing Dream Atlantean

ChLBy ChL14 April 20203 Minutes

Sound Healing Dream Atlantean

It is a sound meditation in several waves … for a gentle journey into the depths of the sunken lands. An encoded memory, revealed by the crystal frequencies of the sacred geometry in quartz and the crystal bowl. Navigate the worlds of earth and water!
Various sound and vibration universes follow one another and take you to the sacred territories of the ancient Atlanteans.

Center yourself on your perceptions, the images that take shape in you, the impressions, the emotions … let the dream of Atlantis resurface in you.

The language of the ancient Atlanteans

Let yourself be touched by the whispered dialects at the heart of this Sound Healing Dream Atlantean… What comes to you then? How do these vibrational codes come to you? Because everything is connected, including what we call the past, the present or the future … So, feel this in the heart of your memories …

Don’t hesitate to listen to it with headphones

Sound Healing Upanishad: At the Origin of all things

Sound Healing Upanishad: At the Origin of all things

ChLBy ChL14 April 20202 Minutes

At the Origin of All Things

A meditation guided by a very old Vedic text.

Cristal Vibrasons offers Healing Sounds -Sound Healing- and sound meditations with its crystal bowls.
A moment to quickly refocus and open your consciousness to this ode to the origin of worlds and primordial sounds … Just listen … just feel … and let the mind draw landscapes under your closed eyelids .. .

Do not hesitate to welcome this Upanishad with headphones for a greater sound experience …

Beautiful Meditation the Crystals!

Self-healing with crystal bowl: how it works?

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Self-healing by the crystal bowl: myth or reality?

Yes, we are talking about the use of a singing bowl as a self-healing experience facilitator.

Self-healing by the crystal bowl, it seems somewhat enigmatic. Perhaps we need to EXPERIMENT a new paradigm. Before we even talk about healing, let’s consider living fully who we are and feeling the abundant life that drives us. Feeling gratitude, as well as feeling sufficiently happy and sufficiently living, are the first colors of an interior landscape to paint.

We offer you today 3 keys to draw together this first landscape, like a sketch of the shores of self-healing by the crystal bowl:

1st KEY Self-healing: SPACE / TIME

To generate self-healing, can we mentally leave the common notion of SPACE / TIME because in fact something in the universe that we are relates to INSTANT.

What is it about ?
This is what we call NON-LOCAL CORRELATION That is to say that living organisms, our cells for example, do not “relate” only to each other from near-to-near, by exchanging energy and information. They are also related in a non-local way (quantum correlation). Each of our 100 trillion cells correlates with the others, instantly! So, Consciousness is everywhere.

Why am I talking to you about consciousness?

Well, because Consciousness is not a function of your brain! No. It is everywhere, in every cell of your body. And each cell in your body is correlated to each other’s cell, as well as to all living things! In fact, “Everything works like an integrated, non-local system” (D. Chopra). “NON-LOCAL” means outside of space-time.
It seems a little enigmatic at the beginning… However, we know this experience internally. When the concept of time tapers, smooths …

How is it going ?

When we rest on the ground, eyes closed, the waves emitted by the singing crystal bowl places the brain on an Alpha cycle (8/13 Hz), we relax deeply … Little by little, the heart rate slowed down and the blood pressure decreases, the muscles will then relax… what happens in this state of being where one is calm & relaxed? We experience timelessness! A state where our relationship to time is instantly transformed.

What about the concept of space? The notion of “HERE and DOWN” is therefore nonexistent. In fact, the vibrational sounds of quartz bowls are multidirectional and dynamic. When we simply put our attention on their sonic spiral, we leave the illusion of the body’s immobility or a fixed determinism. The consciousness of the physical body is expanding. We are EVERYWHERE and on the move. It’s surprising to observe from the inside.
In the 19th century, we believed that anything heavier than air could never fly… 2 centuries later, the A380 can carry more than 800 passengers and the cargo version can carry up to 150 tonnes of freight … And even today, we have a mechanistic and normative vision of the body and the world in general. We still believe that the body is a container, that of the Spirit or the soul … We still believe that the body works like a machine works. A cause here / an effect here. A cause there / an effect there. And we believe, by extension, that the world also works this way. It is a mistake ! Self-healing puts us under the obligation to modify our representation of the world! Let us remember the butterfly effect or the theory of the hundredth monkey … yes, we are all interconnected! Nothing, absolutely nothing, is separated. Neither the body, nor the mind, nor the heart, nor the soul, nor the ecosystem of which we are a part.

Everything is connected!

If the ecosystem is sick, I’m sick. If I’m sick, the ecosystem is sick. This “EVERYTHING” I am talking about is dynamic. There is nothing frozen in the Universe. Your body exchanges with all the elements and all the forces of the Universe (breathing, food, metabolism, elimination… etc.) Even more surprising, DEEPAK CHOPRA tells us that it is possible to carry out radioisotopic studies and demonstrate that you have subatomic particles, millions of atoms that were once in the body of Buddha, Jesus or whoever you want…

How to explain this?

In the past 3 weeks, 1 quadrillion atoms have passed through you and passed through all living species on this planet! Imagine… an elephant in Africa; a panda in the People’s Republic of China; a tree in the Amazon; a taxi driver in the United States of America, a tulip in Holland … So you have “things” in your body that were there less than a month ago. Besides a year ago, you didn’t have the same body. No, no, I assure you! 98% of all the molecular matter in your body is renewed, except collagen, cartilage … which have a slightly longer cycle. You have a brand new liver in 6 weeks, a new-look skin every month, the wall of your stomach is redone every 5 days … After a year (on each birthday), you are almost different! If you think you are only a body, here you have a very serious problem to solve, (which one are you talking about?)! Do you feel the idea?

Self-healing cannot happen without a profound and radical change in our relationship to the body, from the machine body to the living body!

The problem of dualistic thinking

It is certain that with Descartes’ thought “I think therefore I am”, we created divisions that do not exist! The mind on one side, the body on the other; the body on one side, the ecosystem or environment on the other … etc. then we spend hundreds of years figuring out what connects them or connects them.

EVERYTHING is interconnected and intertwined! Quantum correlation and entanglement (morphic fields)! It means that my thoughts, my emotions, my feelings … influence yours … not that I manipulate you, but because we are all connected to each other. BUDDHA was right, there is no separate spirit! So… where is my mind? Where is your mind? Our minds are intertwined, our bodies are intertwined since the mind is not separated from the body. So … Who am I? Who are you ? How it works ?

2nd Self Healing KEY: I AM

If my body is renewed via the ecosystem, as part of the biosphere, and it is therefore no longer that of a year ago that is “dead” while “I am” n is not dead in the meantime… it’s good that our Consciousness constantly survives the death of the cells and molecules by which it is expressed. How else can we explain that they know the difference between hot and cold, pleasure and pain, our emotions, our thoughts … like the ones before? Our cells are reincarnated! Surprising, isn’t it? Not at the material level but at the memory level. In fact, it is our memory that is reincarnated!

Let’s take a closer look at a molecule…

Inside there are subatomic particles that come from the void. We have a tendency to represent this quantum vacuum in space, in the universe, up there or over there … Now, it is also HERE! It’s also HERE THE UNIVERSE! If it weren’t active here, we might not be here.
This emptiness is consciousness itself (the SHIT or SHITAKASH of which the vedantas speak to us)!

Emptiness and consciousness Matthieu Ricard, written in 1997, in the monk and the Philosopher whom he co-wrote with his father Jean-François Revel that this emptiness “is neither nothingness nor an empty space distinct from phenomena or external their. This is the very nature of the phenomena. And this is why a fundamental text of Buddhism, the Heart Sutra, says: “Emptiness is form and form is emptiness”. From an absolute point of view, the world has no real or concrete existence. So the relative aspect is the phenomenal world, and the absolute aspect is emptiness. […] The phenomena arise from a process of interdependence of causes and conditions, but nothing exists in itself or by itself. Direct contemplation of absolute truth transcends any intellectual concept, any duality between subject and object. “- The Monk and the Philosopher, 1997

So … Who are you?

Without an inner answer to this question, how can you heal yourself? And how can we generate intelligent well-being for who we are? I’m going to surprise you, but, to take Deepak Chopra again, there is no one inside of you that I could call “you” or say, that, there, it is you.
Indeed, there is nobody. Because everything that “defines” you depends on others! Yes, I see you shudder … it includes what you feel, what you think, what you experience … yes, your subjectivity and your biology too (we have already seen it). In fact, everything that is happening in my body right now depends on “you with me” and vice versa … my emotional well-being, my physical well-being … and this goes further … we are interdependent on each other and also in interaction with our biosphere and with the whole cosmos which is alive!
In addition, we are also influenced by our ancestors, our past AND future lines! Because the Consciousness is non-local, outside of space-time.

The “I AM” Consciousness

“I Am” is a singular that has no plural. And as we well know, the “whole” is not equal to the “sum of the parts” or of the individualities. Because consciousness is unified, there is no cleavage, no separation. It’s pure consciousness. And, you are timeless, that is, your consciousness is non-local. Because with the Sounds and the crystalline energy of the singing crystal bowls, you know this experience of being where the masks, the attitudes and the usual and socially induced or learned roles, fade … There, something happens in you who is of the order of the Meeting, in the highest sense of the term. They bring you into contact with the Being, the mystery that you are, that We are.

Crystal energy

It is a high vibrational frequency. Indeed, it is pure and works in spectra of sound and light frequencies. The experience with singing crystal bowls makes us say that this energy comes into resonance, in phase with the “pure consciousness”, this pure love that we are, far beyond the manifested or phenomenal world.
Because crystal energy connects us to all living things, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. In fact, it is the equilibrium energy of the universe. From subatomic particles to the cosmos … It is this non-local energy that connects & connects the elements of living things to each other. It is, perhaps, the energy of emptiness and the memory matrix of the world … (Quantum entanglement).
Moreover, recent discoveries provide undeniable proof that the matrix evoked by Max Planck really exists. Could this be the missing link in our knowledge, the one that forms the universe, the bridge between our imagination and our reality, and the mirror, in our world, of what we create by our beliefs? Concepts with reference to “The divine matrix”, ed. Ariane, by Greg Braden.

3rd KEY Self-healing: BALANCE & EQUANIMITY

Besides, “Healing comes from the heart” is often heard. Yes, that’s right, but Love is above all an act.

Joy, compassion, loving tenderness, but also mutual aid, respect for the living, solidarity, listening … Because Love manifests for the whole ecosystem of which we are a part. It’s not about vague Christian values, being a savior or a good person. It’s a love beyond you. The singing crystal bowl places us quite spontaneously in this state of being.

Consciousness mysteriously finds a new path

That of a trans-personal identity that includes life AND death. The limits generated by the fear of death are shrinking. The Whole is perceived from the inside with an equality of soul. Body, mind, heart find their true balance. Everything is connected to this state of deep EQUANIMITY.

Detachment, however, induced by this state of being, is not indifference. It is more of a deep serenity compared to what is. Then energy would indeed transform matter and vice versa since everything is connected and we form a unity with the vast Whole.

So if you heal…

The world also heals! We are part of a living cosmos! It is up to us to find this “absolute” coherence. Let us let ourselves be found by pure Consciousness and create in us this state identical to that “at the origin” …

Self-healing is, perhaps, to renew this deep link with the Life in us. To go further, see the article on energy sonology HERE!

NAMASTE the Crystallins!

How sounds act on living molecules?

Cristal Vibrasons vous propose un court article sur la protéodie. La science au service de l'éveil. l'energie-son est au coeur de nos cellules.

How sounds act on living molecules?

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The energy-sound at the heart of our cells

This little article is taken from the Cristal’Académie, your online learning platform. In one of its modules, we address the impact of Sound on the whole of living things. Because it’s a very exciting subject about which we speak very little. Because we are used to focusing on humans and the animal kingdom. Indeed, this is often our first idea. However, think that there are exciting references to the impact of sounds on the plant world, for example.

A reference in the plant universe

To name just one, let’s just mention Joël Sternheimer, Doctor of Physics and Musician. He proposed an explanation of these effects, allowing them to be produced with molecular precision, from plants sensitive to their sound environment, to humans who can recognize their suitability for themselves.

3 key elements of the impact of sounds on the plants around us

His research, for over 40 years, has predicted and indirectly highlighted 3 key elements:

  • First key: The different levels of organization of matter (inert or living) are linked by “scale waves”. These ensure consistency. So here we are already immersed in a demonstration of quantum entanglement.
  • Second key: During the protein synthesis process, amino acids emit sequences of quantum signals. These signals constitute a specific melody for each protein. And this is what is called PROTEODY.
  • Third key: The audible transpositions of these melodies influence in real time the rate of protein synthesis, and therefore influence DNA by a form of resonance between successive frequencies! Exciting, isn’t it?

In fact, since the dawn of time, the Sounds have accompanied and healed the living and the human, of course. That’s why we’re talking about healing sounds! Soon, we will discuss in a full article, how light acts on overall health.

Cristalline day to you!

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Pyramide de cristal vibratoire & sonore, ses enseignements et son rayonnement sont un véritable enchantement-Cristal Vibrasons

Crystal Pyramid

The vibrating & sound crystal pyramid, its lessons and its radiance are a real delight! Whatever its size, its singing vortex is pure, its clear tone and its vibration lasts a long time.

The crystal pyramid fits right into sacred geometry:

Geometry is a mathematical science that studies the relationships between points, curved lines, surfaces and volumes of space.
But it also designates the art of communicating divine wisdom through geometric figures having the value of symbols. It is an art often practiced over the centuries, almost like a language reserved for initiates. It is also considered that this form of expression goes beyond the understanding of mortals, as an approximation of the layman and the sacred.
This ancient secret language has been used by Greek philosophers and mathematicians, Plato or Pythagoras, for example. And the Greeks had assigned values ​​and attributes to matter, invested it with a meaning and had defined within this meaning a relation to the divine and to the world. Here, geometry becomes sacred!

The crystal pyramid, a powerful initiation symbol

Visualize a mountain … The image of the mountain is a pyramid. In reality, it was traditionally a symbol of spiritual center. The top of the mountain represented the point of contact between Earth and Heaven, place of truth, of passage between the states of human beings and supra-humans, or celestial. Visible from all sides, the mountain symbolized the truth accessible to all.
Your crystal pyramid has this symbol there.

The reverse of the mountain symbol is an equally powerful symbol: the cave! Visualize a cave … It is an image of the cosmic world which represents at the same time, the Earth and the vault the Sky. It is the crucible of development of the possibilities of being. Immersed in the deepest silence, the initiate will symbolically die in the dark world of current states of being, to be reborn in the bright world of new states.
Your crystal pyramid also has this symbol.
The mountain is represented schematically by a triangle resting on one side while the cave is represented by an inverted triangle resting on a summit. In this form, the cave symbolizes the cup, the receptacle intended to collect Knowledge. The inversion of the triangles might suggest that the cave is only a reflection of the mountain. In the most common representations, however, the centers of the two triangles coincide so as to emphasize that the reflected knowledge is fully in line with the original Knowledge.

What is the pyramid?

Beyond the geometric definition of a tetrahedron, the crystal pyramid is the symbol of our galaxy. It is also the 1st of the 5 solids of Plato. The simplest volume of creation and the Trinity of the Soul.

The virtues of the pyramid

The largest and best known pyramid of all is that of Cheops in Egypt. This form is actually:

  • a cosmic energy condenser
  • a tag
  • library

Its waveforms have virtues:

  • accelerate healing
  • help with healing
  • relieve pain
  • fight infection
  • strengthen the immune system
  • rebalance the energy structure
  • increase vitality
  • energize the tenth chakra
  • seat of solar consciousness

The intention that emanates from this form is AVAILABILITY. High intention which caresses altruism. Because it is about an attitude which consists in directing its actions so that they are beneficial for all.

Some associated symbols

Vertical and horizontal stability

The pyramid is a symbol of stability. It is therefore the basis of various traditional constructions: the hut or the teepee for example. But it was widely adopted by the great architects: it is the profile of the Egyptian pyramids, the spire of the cathedrals, but also that of our roofs!

Besides this vertical stability, the triangular shape also carries horizontal stability. Think of a tripod, or three-legged stool, it is never wobbly! The triangle also symbolizes the trinity in the religion of Christianity. The triangle is also the profile of the arrowhead, symbol of direction, determination, penetration In certain traditional societies, it is the symbol of the Feminine, because it is the shape of the uterus; moreover, in the past, the fire in the hearth maintained by the woman consisted of three stones!

In short, in its correspondence, the pyramid is

  • the Fire element, which makes thought visible
  • an ascending influence
  • an Earth / Sky alignment
  • available energy
  • the trinity embodied in matter
  • initiation the Sacred Feminine

The usefulness of the pyramid shape

Agricultural culture, particularly in bio-energy or electroculture, uses the shape of the pyramid to energize crops. In fact, in this approach, a pyramid can be used to:

  • energize seeds
  • fertilize hectares of land
  • store food
  • help animal health
  • energize water, wine, food
  • help meditation
  • increase the vitality of a place
  • generate electricity
  • transmute elements
  • generate negative ions
  • generate frequencies
  • communication tool
  • purify the surrounding air…

Masaru Emoto, everyone remembers the tests on the “memory of water” (experience of Jacques Benveniste, French immunologist, deepened by Luc Montagnier in 2007 with DNA teleportation) performs a resonance test with pyramids in glass.

Mr. Emoto explains well that the form is very important to be able to obtain effects of resonances. But, not all forms make as much resonance. Because all forms do not allow a resonance over time. Some forms are more suitable than others to optimize them.

It appears from his little experience that the pyramid shape is particularly optimal. This can partly explain the exceptional virtues of the pyramids and the importance of using a homogeneous and continuous material for the structure.

The vibrational and sound pyramids Cristal Vibrasons

The structure of the crystal pyramid is made of natural quartz. They deploy 2 different notes, which, sounded together, open up to remarkable harmonics!
The first musical note is emitted by the stems of the pyramidal base. And the second note by the rising stems of the instrument.
Rotated, the pyramid generates an energetic, audible and perceptible vortex, whatever its size.
His sensitivity to energy games makes him an exceptional tool for assessing the level and vibrational state of a place or a person.

It will vary in intensity depending on the energy fields it encounters, which can give precious diagnostic indications since our senses perceive it clearly.
It easily finds its place in your daily life for the virtues of its wave of form.
But it has its place in energy care or to support hypnosis induction or facilitate sophronic states.

It is an instrument whose vibrational language invites us to enter the quantum dimension of consciousness!

NAMASTE the Crystallins!

correspondances qui pourraient enrichir la pratique avec votre bol chantant en cristal ! Les notes musicales correspondent à des chakras. Cristal Vibrasons

Chakras and Sound: What are the links?

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The chakras are a universe in their own right. But what are the links between Sounds and chakras? Here are some correspondences that could enrich the practice with your crystal singing bowl!

What is a Chakras and Sound?

Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit. These wheels, or energetic vortices, receive, transform and distribute the subtle energy called prana, ki or chi according to traditions. Therefore, these currents of force-energy animate the human being at the level of different planes of Body, psyche, consciousness.
So each plan communicates and interacts with the others, everything is connected. This is how “Each chakra plays a fundamental role on the whole of our nervous system and our physiology but also on our behavior. To live in harmony, all of our chakras must be open and in synergy. “

What are the links between sounds and chakras?

That is to say what are the correspondences of light frequencies and Sound frequencies:

1st MULHADHARA chakra root chakra: Red and DO
2nd chakra SVADHISTANA sacred chakra / Yin: Orange and RE
3rd MANIPURA chakra solar / Yang chakra: Yellow and MI
4th ANAHATA chakra heart chakra: Green / Pink and FA
5th VISHUDDHA chakra laryngeal chakra: Light blue and SOL
6th chakra AJNA chakra 3rd eye: Indigo blue and LA
7th SAVADHISTANA chakra crown chakra: Purple and SI
8th DHARMA CHAKRA chakra soul chakra: White / Gold and DO #

What do the 8 basic chakras correspond to?

The 3 lower chakras:

1st chakra: Muladhara or root chakra located at the level of the perineum and coccyx is related to the element Earth, matter. It is related to the feet, the legs, the genitals, the life force of the body. It is stimulated by the color red and the note Do.
2nd chakra: Svadhistana or sacred chakra located between the navel and the pubis is related to the element of water, orange. This chakra manages sexuality and the creative dimension of being. In fact, it has to do with the Feminine, the intuition, the womb. It is the seat of our deep identity. It is stimulated by the color orange and the note D.
3rd chakra: Manipura or solar chakra located at the level of the solar plexus is related to the fire element, the digestive organs. This energy vortex participates in the management of emotions, self-confidence, the ability to take its place and to radiate. In excess, it “energizes” the ego-mind and the search for power. It is related to the Masculine. To stimulate it, use the color yellow and the note Mi.

The Heart chakra

The 4th chakra is Anahata located in the center of the chest (thymus region). It is related to the air element. The heart chakra governs the energy of the heart, circulation, lungs, upper limbs. We can guess, it opens or closes love. In addition, it is stimulated by the green and pink color and the note Fa.

The 3 upper chakras:

5th chakra: Vishuddha or laryngeal chakra located at the level of the throat is the chakra of communication. What you need to know is that the 5th chakra is related to the thyroid, throat, nose, ears, mouth and neck. Thus it promotes expression through speech, the relationship with the outside (communication of our inner life), creativity through sound, imagination. It is also related to the hearing and puts us in tune with our inner guide. On the other hand, this vortex is also related to the question of CHOICE. It is stimulated by the light blue color and the note Sol.

6th chakra: Ajna or the chakra of the 3rd eye located between the eyebrows. So Ajna is related to the eyes and the nervous system. Because this vortex is the seat of consciousness and divine intuition. As a result, Ajna puts us in touch with the unmanifested form of creation, with pure essence. So therefore it can bring the wisdom that allows the control of our ideas and actions on the basis of connection to the plan. Higher mind, Intuition, Clear mind and Right actions are the fruit of the proper functioning of this chakra. It is stimulated by the color indigo blue and the note La.
7th chakra: Sahasrara or the Crown chakra is located on the top of the head (former anterior fontanel). In fact, it is the seat of the accomplishment of man, it connects to the divine essence, the origin of all things of which we are part. In conclusion, this opening of the coronal chakra gradually brings this connection and this identification to the divine essence, chasing away fear and bringing wholeness until realization and enlightenment. It is stimulated by the purple color and the note Si.
8th chakra: Dharma chakra or the chakra of the soul is located about 1 meter above the head and 1 meter below the feet. In fact, it forms an auric shell which envelops us and beyond which we merge with the “big whole”. Ultimately, the 8th chakra is the seat of our life mission, the matrix where our soul information is woven. It is stimulated by the color White / Gold and the note Do #

Pourquoi les Sons sont essentiels ?

So, Sounds and chakras are inter-related frequency games. Let’s savor the expression of a genius of Sounds:

“The one who sings well makes with his whole body a kind of extraordinary instrument, which starts to vibrate by a total support of the larynx on the spinal column. As a result, it is the spine that sings, and that while singing, vibrates the whole body, especially the bones of the skull. True sound comes from everywhere and not just from the mouth ”Alfred Tomatis

For the whole cosmic manifestation begins with the uncreated primordial Sound. Since all the other elements that make up the structure of the universe are a vibrational derivative of sound, until we come to the densest vibrational frequency, the element earth.

Thus, “the whole universe revolves around a great cosmic symphony of incessant vibratory pulsation which emanates from the divine directing Octave from which everything is recreated, expands and transforms ad infinitum. […] Illness is just a loss of frequency [of your body systems], and restoring tone means regaining well-being and harmony. “(Ramathis-Mam, Revelations of Arcturus, 2004)

NAMASTE the Cristtalins!

Mantras and the crystal bowl: 7 steps to meditation

mantras et bol de cristal. La vibration du son et sa résonance : Découvrez comment mediter avec son bol chantant en cristal et des mantras. Cristal Vibrasons

Mantras and the crystal bowl: 7 steps to meditation

ChLBy ChL14 April 20206 Minutes

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MEDITATE with a mantra and its singing bowl Do you know?

Do you want to use the mantra in your practice? Do you have a crystal bowl? Then this article is made for you ! These are 7 simple steps to meditate with your crystal singing bowl and chant or chant sacred phrases, rhythmically and repetitively.

In fact, it is through the vibration of sound and its resonance that the mantra has the power to modify the environment. Just like the one who realizes it. Thus, the power of the mantra comes from the repetition of sounds.

The most important thing in the tradition is the correctness of pronunciation. It is essential. So rhythm and melodic intonation are vibrational codes. Its virtues, combined with intention and concentration, activate specific states of being. Because in Eastern traditions, mantras are sacred hymns. They call for energy to manifest through “sound” and vibration. Thus, one calls to oneself particular states of being: compassion, wisdom, healing … by reciting the mantra.

In your practice, follow 7 simple steps:

1. Choose your mantra

Then focus your attention on the intention that is taking shape in you. You can use mantras from traditions as well as a phrase of your choice like “I am peace” or “I am the love that God desires” “I am a being of violet fire” … whatever, as long as you you feel connected to and carried by a sacred dimension of your being.

2. Settle in a place where you are calm

A place where you feel good, comfortable and undisturbed.

3. Place your crystal bowl in front of you

Take the time to connect as we saw in Training 1. Then take a moment of silence … don’t try to clear your mind or stop thinking. It will be done in due time … Focus on the intention and the mantra.

4. Close your eyes and start by taking a few deep breaths

Inhale finely through the nose and then exhale deeply through the mouth. Thus, you can imagine that you breathe in a white light and that you exhale your thoughts, your tensions purified by this light.

5. Vibrate your ship

then start chanting your mantra silently, for yourself. So when you feel that the mantra “sings” of itself within you, dare to speak out.

6. Sing it as long as it suits you

at the beginning, avoid entering into a constraint of number which you might not hold the following days … You will understand that the benefits of this meditative practice are more profound when it is practiced daily. Indeed, ideally, the sound meditation with mantra can be done in the morning at sunrise or at the end of the day before the meal so as not to doze.

7. Let yourself be initiated by the possibilities of this practice

Do not try to achieve any goal. Let your mind dance in the spirals of your quartz vessel. Let yourself be guided by the All ’Other and the crystalline dimension that you are.

If you have a crystal singing bowl, singing in its spirals will give you an instant feeling of unity! To go further, you will find HERE an article on a therapeutic vocal technique.

Namaste the Crystallins!

How to create excellent sound journeys

Comment créer un voyage sonore de qualité en cinq point clés, avec des bols chantants en cristal, meditation sonore Cristal Vibrasons

How to create excellent sound journeys

ChLBy ChL14 April 20208 Minutes

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Many of you have the wish to practice crystal bowls and to offer a sound journey with these high quality vibrational instruments. But then, you are asking yourself a lot of questions about the optimal process to implement to best support your travelers!
How to organize the sounds so that they live a sound journey in expansion of consciousness of the most comfortable and effective possible. What to start with ? How to finish? Why ?

Cristal Vibrasons offers 5 small keys to get you started!

1st practical key: opt for comfort!

Your travelers have settled comfortably on the ground.
Dim the light to make it easier for them to relax.
Place a cushion under their head, so that the neck is not in hyper extension, but rather in an anatomical position.
Also, make sure they have blankets available, as the sonic journey with the crystal bowls will generate many energetic movements. They can be very hot or very cold or alternate between the two states.

2nd key: Verbally accompany relaxation on the ground

Before engaging the sounds in the journey, it is useful to accompany the movement of relaxation and letting go.
Your travelers are on standby, this means that their brain activity oscillates at more than 12 hertz, they are on beta waves! You, you will co-participate, with the sounds, in the transition to an alpha cycle (deep relaxation)!
The human voice at the start of the journey is a reassuring guide. Instead, speak in a voiceover to facilitate relaxation. Use short sentences, which do not require thinking to follow the instruction or direction given. Your instructions should be clear. So avoid the “if you want, you can …”, go directly to the useful information. For example “put your attention on your breath without changing it
Help everyone to focus on the body, the points of support on the ground, the breath …
You can also accompany the manifestation of a group intention (egregore)

3rd key: Initiate the sound journey with low tones

To help your travelers to start their journey, you must take care of their 1st vehicle which is that of the body. The low tones, which resonate on the physical plane in the lower body, will allow deep rooting. Play 10 minutes minimum so that the sounds sculpt the body of the travelers to the ground which carries them. They must feel deposited and heavy on the ground. Put their attention on this earth, which supports them at all times, will help them to release the tensions present safely. You can play with a certain tone at the start. Then you will gradually direct your gestures towards delicacy. Indeed, the soft sound vibrations will, little by little, relax the muscles and untie the joints. The whole body will then go into relaxation.

4th key: Vary the tones, sounds and instruments

For a trip to be worthy of the name, you must allow your travelers to navigate in various soundscapes. Their sensations, their perceptions, their interior images will be rich in the frequency variations that you will orchestrate.
What you need to keep in mind is that the high and very high tones always come up very gradually. They don’t really break in at the start of the trip because they resonate mentally. The acute crystal bowl will therefore be invited during the journey to clean and clarify, in a subtle and progressive way.
If you have several instruments, do not hesitate to marry them! The drums, the didgeridoo, the stringed instruments, the flutes, the gongs and even the Tibetan bowls magically unite with the singing crystal bowls! And besides, the enchantment is not intended only for travelers! You, too, must invite joy and pleasure to your own guidance. Your travelers will perceive it instantly because everything is perceived in an amplified way with these sounds!

5th key: Invite silence

Do not saturate the sound space permanently. Be sure to leave spaces of silence and sound transition that will help travelers integrate the waves of energy that you diffuse. Always think that sound is energy! And that the soul acts in the silent interstices … it is the sound vacancy … In the same spirit, the end of your journey will melt into silence …
Besides, taste this time with delight, because the quality of silence is often remarkable! Then bring your travelers back with your voiceover. Help them to return to the world of form with the greatest sweetness.

You can then open a space for discussion and discussion to contemplate the range of experiences lived by travelers!

Sounds have healing properties and they allow us to refocus, to enter our own inner universes. Live, too, the experience of sounds healing! (click on the sentence)

See you soon the Crystallins, NAMASTE