Comment créer un voyage sonore de qualité en cinq point clés, avec des bols chantants en cristal, meditation sonore Cristal Vibrasons

How to create excellent sound journeys

ChLBy ChL14 April 20206 Minutes

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Many of you have the wish to practice crystal bowls and to offer a sound journey with these high quality vibrational instruments. But then, you are asking yourself a lot of questions about the optimal process to implement to best support your travelers!
How to organize the sounds so that they live a sound journey in expansion of consciousness of the most comfortable and effective possible. What to start with ? How to finish? Why ?

Cristal Vibrasons offers 5 small keys to get you started!

1st practical key: opt for comfort!

Your travelers have settled comfortably on the ground.
Dim the light to make it easier for them to relax.
Place a cushion under their head, so that the neck is not in hyper extension, but rather in an anatomical position.
Also, make sure they have blankets available, as the sonic journey with the crystal bowls will generate many energetic movements. They can be very hot or very cold or alternate between the two states.

2nd key: Verbally accompany relaxation on the ground

Before engaging the sounds in the journey, it is useful to accompany the movement of relaxation and letting go.
Your travelers are on standby, this means that their brain activity oscillates at more than 12 hertz, they are on beta waves! You, you will co-participate, with the sounds, in the transition to an alpha cycle (deep relaxation)!
The human voice at the start of the journey is a reassuring guide. Instead, speak in a voiceover to facilitate relaxation. Use short sentences, which do not require thinking to follow the instruction or direction given. Your instructions should be clear. So avoid the “if you want, you can …”, go directly to the useful information. For example “put your attention on your breath without changing it
Help everyone to focus on the body, the points of support on the ground, the breath …
You can also accompany the manifestation of a group intention (egregore)

3rd key: Initiate the sound journey with low tones

To help your travelers to start their journey, you must take care of their 1st vehicle which is that of the body. The low tones, which resonate on the physical plane in the lower body, will allow deep rooting. Play 10 minutes minimum so that the sounds sculpt the body of the travelers to the ground which carries them. They must feel deposited and heavy on the ground. Put their attention on this earth, which supports them at all times, will help them to release the tensions present safely. You can play with a certain tone at the start. Then you will gradually direct your gestures towards delicacy. Indeed, the soft sound vibrations will, little by little, relax the muscles and untie the joints. The whole body will then go into relaxation.

4th key: Vary the tones, sounds and instruments

For a trip to be worthy of the name, you must allow your travelers to navigate in various soundscapes. Their sensations, their perceptions, their interior images will be rich in the frequency variations that you will orchestrate.
What you need to keep in mind is that the high and very high tones always come up very gradually. They don’t really break in at the start of the trip because they resonate mentally. The acute crystal bowl will therefore be invited during the journey to clean and clarify, in a subtle and progressive way.
If you have several instruments, do not hesitate to marry them! The drums, the didgeridoo, the stringed instruments, the flutes, the gongs and even the Tibetan bowls magically unite with the singing crystal bowls! And besides, the enchantment is not intended only for travelers! You, too, must invite joy and pleasure to your own guidance. Your travelers will perceive it instantly because everything is perceived in an amplified way with these sounds!

5th key: Invite silence

Do not saturate the sound space permanently. Be sure to leave spaces of silence and sound transition that will help travelers integrate the waves of energy that you diffuse. Always think that sound is energy! And that the soul acts in the silent interstices … it is the sound vacancy … In the same spirit, the end of your journey will melt into silence …
Besides, taste this time with delight, because the quality of silence is often remarkable! Then bring your travelers back with your voiceover. Help them to return to the world of form with the greatest sweetness.

You can then open a space for discussion and discussion to contemplate the range of experiences lived by travelers!

Sounds have healing properties and they allow us to refocus, to enter our own inner universes. Live, too, the experience of sounds healing! (click on the sentence)

See you soon the Crystallins, NAMASTE