Regeneration Sound Healing

ChLBy ChL14 April 20201 Minutes

Sound Healing, Regeneration Sound Healing offers you a journey of 20 minutes, and this sound meditation allows you to activate vibrational codes of high frequencies with crystal singing bowls.
In fact, from one Cycle to another, this vibrational accompaniment gives you a variation of states of being conducive to the passage from one state of consciousness to another.
So, after your daily time serving the outside world, you can give yourself time for yourself and realign yourself!

Deep relaxation guaranteed

Put a helmet on your ears, the journey begins … set off on an adventure towards the New Earth and future Generations, in gentleness and kindness.

It is a time for oneself, to connect with the living of humanity, without judgment, without restriction, without shade…

Meditating with sound changes your life! Let’s change frequencies…