Sound Healing Dream Atlantean

ChLBy ChL14 April 20201 Minutes

Sound Healing Dream Atlantean

It is a sound meditation in several waves … for a gentle journey into the depths of the sunken lands. An encoded memory, revealed by the crystal frequencies of the sacred geometry in quartz and the crystal bowl. Navigate the worlds of earth and water!
Various sound and vibration universes follow one another and take you to the sacred territories of the ancient Atlanteans.

Center yourself on your perceptions, the images that take shape in you, the impressions, the emotions … let the dream of Atlantis resurface in you.

The language of the ancient Atlanteans

Let yourself be touched by the whispered dialects at the heart of this Sound Healing Dream Atlantean… What comes to you then? How do these vibrational codes come to you? Because everything is connected, including what we call the past, the present or the future … So, feel this in the heart of your memories …

Don’t hesitate to listen to it with headphones