Cristal Vibrasons vous propose un court article sur la protéodie. La science au service de l'éveil. l'energie-son est au coeur de nos cellules.

How sounds act on living molecules?

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The energy-sound at the heart of our cells

This little article is taken from the Cristal’Académie, your online learning platform. In one of its modules, we address the impact of Sound on the whole of living things. Because it’s a very exciting subject about which we speak very little. Because we are used to focusing on humans and the animal kingdom. Indeed, this is often our first idea. However, think that there are exciting references to the impact of sounds on the plant world, for example.

A reference in the plant universe

To name just one, let’s just mention Joël Sternheimer, Doctor of Physics and Musician. He proposed an explanation of these effects, allowing them to be produced with molecular precision, from plants sensitive to their sound environment, to humans who can recognize their suitability for themselves.

3 key elements of the impact of sounds on the plants around us

His research, for over 40 years, has predicted and indirectly highlighted 3 key elements:

  • First key: The different levels of organization of matter (inert or living) are linked by “scale waves”. These ensure consistency. So here we are already immersed in a demonstration of quantum entanglement.
  • Second key: During the protein synthesis process, amino acids emit sequences of quantum signals. These signals constitute a specific melody for each protein. And this is what is called PROTEODY.
  • Third key: The audible transpositions of these melodies influence in real time the rate of protein synthesis, and therefore influence DNA by a form of resonance between successive frequencies! Exciting, isn’t it?

In fact, since the dawn of time, the Sounds have accompanied and healed the living and the human, of course. That’s why we’re talking about healing sounds! Soon, we will discuss in a full article, how light acts on overall health.

Cristalline day to you!

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