Bol chantant en cristal : on vous dit tout sur leur origine

The origin of crystal singing bowls

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Where do the crystal singing bowls come from?

The crystal singing bowl is a wonderful sound and vibration instrument. Bowls are among the sacred instruments of our contemporary world.

Do they have the same origin as the Tibetan bowls?

To tell you the truth, not really! Designed in France, based on a SAINT-GOBAIN patent, the singing bowls of natural quartz crystal are produced using an industrial process. In no way are they cut directly in quartz! Indeed, the fracture lines within a rock crystal are too large to allow a crucible to be cut without it cracking. In fact, originally, the crystal bowl is a laboratory crucible used in particular because it has a high resistance to variations in pH – acids as basic – and that its melting temperature is very high. It therefore does not melt when heated.

How is the crystal singing bowl made?

To obtain an Immaculate vessel

that is to say frost-sand, 4 main steps will follow:

  • First, the quartz or silicon dioxide is reduced to powder and then cleaned of its impurities.
  • In a second step, the quartz powder is placed in an oven at very high temperature for its crystallization. The fluid material thus obtained is poured by centrifugation into a mold which will give it its final shape.
  • In a third step, the bowl is treated with a gas which gives it its frosted appearance. In the fourth step, it will be cleaned in several water baths and then cooled by sandblasting.
  • It will finally be slightly polished. The octave and the note of the bowl are correlated to its diameter, its height and the thickness of its wall.
To get a clear sensitive vessel

That is to say a transparent bowl. The cooling process is a little different. It is not treated with gas. On the other hand, it will be polished to give it its pure transparency, which will also define a musical note. To create a bowl in 24K gold, silver or platinum Here, we will first need to make a clear-sensitive. Then we will come fix the noble metals by electrolysis, on several layers if necessary.

To create a Titanium crystal bowl

Here, we will also have to create a clear-sensitive. It will be blown with cooling by Titanium gas. It is this gas which gives it its beautiful colored iridescence and its “mirror” effect. So there is only one solid material here, quartz, plus a gas.

To create a bowl of colored crystal like “Stellar”

Read the article on staining by nanoparticles

Engraved crystal singing bowls

We rely on the physical principle that quartz is memory. The crystal bowls can therefore be informed by a wave of form engraved in the material. This is the case when laser engraving them with a symbol or significant shape. You can see this for the vessels of the Buddhist range, the Cosmic-Consciousness, the Egyptians yes still the alchemist, the Divine Couple, the Chalices of the 7 sacred Flames…
The creations and engravings Cristal vibraSons are our inspiration. However, they are universal enough that your quartz vessel is not programmed by our personal energies. This is essential in our approach and our ethics.

For colored crystal bowls

You will find in the trade of the bowls sold with gems. Be very careful because this is a slight twist of reality: Take for example, the amethyst (but this would be valid for all the other gems). It is not the basis of the purple color of the bowls! Even if it is advertised and sold to you this way. It is only an assumed name to designate bowls which draw on purple, even if the gem is integrated with quartz in a small proportion (3 to 5%).
In fact, for these bowls called amethyst, the color is due to a disturbance of the crystal lattice by a weakly radioactive environment. This means that when you heat an amethyst for example, its color changes to a kind of yellow. What happens in fact is that at high temperature, its crystal structure changes to give a citrine, then if it is heated again, the color disappears completely! In this case, the bowls are actually recoloured by chromatophoric elements. That is to say, which gives them a color due to their electronic structure.

Where to find these singing crystal bowls?

In the online store you will only find singing bowls of natural quartz crystal (not synthetic quartz).
Some bowls are said to be exceptional because their vibrational patterns make them real jewels. These are associated with noble metals (24K Gold, Silver, Platinum), or Titanium gas which give them iridescent colors. Concerning the other colors, heated coatings allow them to radiate the desired frequency of light.

In any case, each bowl is completely unique in the play of its spirals, both in its fundamental note and in its struck note. Some vessels give off very powerful sound frequencies and other bowls dance to frequencies of incredible subtlety … And there is not one “better” than the other.

See you soon the Crystallins,