le plaisir immense que l'on éprouve à jouer d'un bol de cristal ou comment se mettre au service de sa propre joie ! Cristal Vibrasons

The pleasure of playing a crystal bowl

ChLBy ChL14 April 20203 Minutes

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Playing with a crystal bowl: guaranteed jubilation! This is the way of a subtle and delicate pleasure, almost sensual, no offense to some! To play it, you don’t have to know music and be a musician.

In reality, it suffices to develop its presence and the quality of its listening. The required gestures require a little knack, subtlety and you will have to place yourself in a careful listening to the quartz vessel! When you want to go further, it makes more sense to train yourself in the sounds of these sacred instruments.

Astonishment comes immediately!

From the first sound spirals, the only argument that manages to formulate clearly is “Wow“… Of course, the surprise effect of these unusual sounds is immediately there, but there is a delight to be bathed in the purity and power of crystal bowls. It is new and of great beauty!

Sails are rising

The thought becomes clear and the emotions that win us overwhelm us. These sounds have an almost magnetic appeal, as if “nothing else” exists around us. They surround us, envelop us, dress us from head to toe. We can only dive into the consciousness that manifests in the moment. Veils are lifted and we lose control of the “appear” to enter the heart of ourselves! Instantly. In just a few minutes, the impression of traveling takes hold and inspires us.

Awaken the child in us!

It is so easy, with a crystal bowl, to become a child again in a few “mallet turns”!
The simple pleasure of being there.
The joy of discovering new sensations.
Bliss over the presence of the “wonderful”
The euphoria impatient to feel her body vibrate again!

Do yourself good!

With a crystal bowl, “doing good” seems to be an utterance. The happiness of being a “living person” immediately signals us. It’s still incredible to have an instrument that facilitates passages of consciousness as much while making us navigate states of being as eclectic as bewitching.

An evidence !

There is rarely an emergency. However, there are small sparks of evidence in us … Feel well: if your crystal bowl has been missing you for too long: now is the time!
Give the world a touch of crystal-clear vibration. To play. Jubilant. Set free. Flourish in pure joy! What other answer could we bring to this world that so often pulls us down?

To your ships the Crystallins!