Décélérer… non pas faire l’effort d’appuyer sur la pédale du frein, mais lever tout simplement le pied. Méthode pour méditer - Cristal Vibrasons

Slowdown and Meditate

ChLBy ChL14 April 20204 Minutes

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Meditate: decelerate!

The awakening of the human being is the awakening to his true nature, to his essential being. The paradox is as follows: meditation is a teaching… which teaches nothing! And in our current world of hyper-everything and hyper-fast, “nothing” is not welcome. However, meditation does not transmit “nothing theoretical, nothing abstract, nothing speculative, nothing hypothetical” … It does not use discursive thinking. It presents itself as a path of experience and exercise.

The mind will not appreciate!

In meditation, there is no teaching from outside. No goal. The mind is sealed … not liking to be contained, it will struggle with ardor! And that is the bane of meditators who would like to “succeed” in sitting quietly. But the more you fight or focus on the goal of not thinking, the less it will work! What if you let it happen? Because, beyond the incessant din of our mental chatter, points a precious benefit in our fiery civilizations: slow down!

Decelerate to act better!

Decelerate … not make the effort to step on the brake pedal, but just lift your foot. Do you see the difference? Let the vehicle lose speed until it returns to its natural rhythm. The rhythm of the body is much slower than that of thoughts. And recovering this rhythm is a beneficial act for oneself. Sometimes a healer.

Slow down to enjoy yourself Slowdown and Meditate

Have time for yourself and discover the virtues of slowness: decelerate! Give importance to feeling: decelerate! Follow the thread of time through the breath cycle. Put his sincere attention on each of his senses. Live all the flavors that present themselves in the present moment

Warning ! it might work!

Everything is accelerating today. Besides, it is mistakenly believed that we must achieve a result “immediately”. However, the body generates intuitive knowledge and it cannot be compared to the limits of our ordinary thought. The body becomes, thanks to the practice of meditation, another form of thought, a thought of the living body where meaning and understanding are merged. Thanks to the mediator that is the crystal singing bowl, meditation finds its way naturally. The mind calms down by itself. The body releases its tensions with disconcerting ease. The inner rhythm takes over!

Return to the vibrant body of life!

In our daily life, we quickly lose touch with our living and conscious body. We often make it an instrument of our actions. Probably because we are living at 100 an hour and we have a thousand and one tasks to accomplish. And the Sounds of crystal bowls are wonderful mediators to help us slow down!
But what do we do with being? Who am I when I submit to the constraints of my own life? Do I really have no choice or more? Ask yourself this question with sincerity. Sort. Prioritize!
So the body is not a machine. On the other hand, it is a living element of the whole which is one of the wonders of creation. The Presence is well embodied. The experience of simplicity highlights the path that takes root in the body!

Would you like to learn how to get back on the road?

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