Cristal Vibrasons - Cultiver l'Attention à ce qui Est, c'est la pierre angulaire de la méditation avec le bol chantant de cristal. Cet article vous apprendra à laisser libre le chemin de la conscience.

Nature your Attention to what IS

ChLBy ChL14 April 20206 Minutes

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Needless to say that cultivating attention to what is, since we are toddlers, is a bit like a warning.
A kind of injunction to concentration. Concentration on what we do or what happens in our immediate environment, under the threat of sanctions. In this context, it is not really an invitation to a spiritual exercise or a dance of the Consciousness!

Let the path of consciousness go free:

Yet, cultivating attention to what is one of the cornerstones of meditation. In fact, to turn attention to your inner temple, you just have to let the path go. Not that it is necessary to clear this path and to rid it of any obstacle which strews it … But rather to walk the path as it appears. Without any particular expectations, without any specific objective, as if the path were the goal in itself! Because, counter to what we learned toddler, cultivating attention does not require to make an effort of will to catch the attention on an object, whatever it is.

A Yin posture:

You don’t have to stretch yourself to cultivate attention. There is nothing to be successful. It is not a mechanical posture. It is a posture of opening and welcoming to the multitude of planes of subtle reality that we perceive and which are superimposed in our own field of consciousness. A more Yin than Yang posture. So it’s not a contraction, but a dilation of the mind and the heart. And the mind is not invited to the wedding.

Perception and feeling honored:

Sit down and shut up … Relax your gaze to calm the mind … At the heart of this silence, observe without attachment everything that arises. Not to pay attention to anything, but to follow the gentle movements of the breath … Little by little, the ego also enters into silence … Presence settles in and it perceives it: something is there, something something tranquil and much larger than him … The path is then made, free from any conflict, there is nothing to “take” and nothing to “abandon”. The temporality changes, past, present and future merge as if the question itself was dissolved. Our senses are refined. Our perceptions are alleviated, from the weight of the body as a force, to levels of subtle consciousness where neither words nor images have a real hold.

How to relax your gaze to contemplate what Is:

In this perspective of attention, the question of the gaze is essential. We have to agree to walk the path barefoot. Leave our old sandals that always lead us to known land: assess, measure, judge, classify…
To leave the shores of this relationship with the world and with yourself, here is a little concrete exercise to relax your gaze and open up to the unexpected:

  1. Sit in a comfortable, quiet place Close your eyes
  2. Rub your palms together until you feel heat
  3. Make the shape of a nest with your hands
  4. Put them on your closed eyelids (the light should not pass)
  5. When you perceive the heat diffusing on your eyes, open them gently
  6. Relax your gaze as if you could perceive everything effortlessly, without pointing your gaze at anything Contemplate what is happening in you at this moment; your mind stays out of the experience
  7. If you have a singing crystal bowl, then raise its vibrational spiral. Let the sounds work to amplify this reality of the moment
  8. Savor and Validate this perception internally
Attention is energy:

If cultivating attention is not only what we learned when we were little, what could it be?
Attention is a quality of energy. A quality of presence to what we experience in our daily life. A way of being touched by the movements of life by observing what is manifested, in oneself as well as outside oneself. Not that we are “cut off” from the world of our immediate and more or less conditioned feelings, but a little more detached, in the sense of equanimity. Acceptance of what is.
Pay attention to the world of our thoughts, that of our emotions or that of our usual behaviors. And observe with clarity the game that is woven between these 3 universes.

The simple fact of placing its attention on this pas de trois will deprive it of liveliness. Thought, for example, hates being watched! The quality of energy that you are will then change … And if you walk the path barefoot, you may well gain in love, gratitude, tolerance and acceptance … in the One consciousness, of what is. (click on the sentence)

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