mantras et bol de cristal. La vibration du son et sa résonance : Découvrez comment mediter avec son bol chantant en cristal et des mantras. Cristal Vibrasons

Mantras and the crystal bowl: 7 steps to meditation

ChLBy ChL14 April 20204 Minutes

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MEDITATE with a mantra and its singing bowl Do you know?

Do you want to use the mantra in your practice? Do you have a crystal bowl? Then this article is made for you ! These are 7 simple steps to meditate with your crystal singing bowl and chant or chant sacred phrases, rhythmically and repetitively.

In fact, it is through the vibration of sound and its resonance that the mantra has the power to modify the environment. Just like the one who realizes it. Thus, the power of the mantra comes from the repetition of sounds.

The most important thing in the tradition is the correctness of pronunciation. It is essential. So rhythm and melodic intonation are vibrational codes. Its virtues, combined with intention and concentration, activate specific states of being. Because in Eastern traditions, mantras are sacred hymns. They call for energy to manifest through “sound” and vibration. Thus, one calls to oneself particular states of being: compassion, wisdom, healing … by reciting the mantra.

In your practice, follow 7 simple steps:

1. Choose your mantra

Then focus your attention on the intention that is taking shape in you. You can use mantras from traditions as well as a phrase of your choice like “I am peace” or “I am the love that God desires” “I am a being of violet fire” … whatever, as long as you you feel connected to and carried by a sacred dimension of your being.

2. Settle in a place where you are calm

A place where you feel good, comfortable and undisturbed.

3. Place your crystal bowl in front of you

Take the time to connect as we saw in Training 1. Then take a moment of silence … don’t try to clear your mind or stop thinking. It will be done in due time … Focus on the intention and the mantra.

4. Close your eyes and start by taking a few deep breaths

Inhale finely through the nose and then exhale deeply through the mouth. Thus, you can imagine that you breathe in a white light and that you exhale your thoughts, your tensions purified by this light.

5. Vibrate your ship

then start chanting your mantra silently, for yourself. So when you feel that the mantra “sings” of itself within you, dare to speak out.

6. Sing it as long as it suits you

at the beginning, avoid entering into a constraint of number which you might not hold the following days … You will understand that the benefits of this meditative practice are more profound when it is practiced daily. Indeed, ideally, the sound meditation with mantra can be done in the morning at sunrise or at the end of the day before the meal so as not to doze.

7. Let yourself be initiated by the possibilities of this practice

Do not try to achieve any goal. Let your mind dance in the spirals of your quartz vessel. Let yourself be guided by the All ’Other and the crystalline dimension that you are.

If you have a crystal singing bowl, singing in its spirals will give you an instant feeling of unity! To go further, you will find HERE an article on a therapeutic vocal technique.

Namaste the Crystallins!