Sacred Song – The DHARMA

ChLBy ChL13 April 20201 Minutes

“Nature and life have gone through periods of evolution and progress for millions of years. Consciousness appeared with the human being. Today, we are entering a new phase: we are facing an evolutionary crisis and we are not prepared for it. I come to the West to recall the truth of evolution and to help humans evolve into a new consciousness, according to the principles of Truth, of dharma.
We must distinguish mental and consciousness. The mind is the product of the environment, of society, of culture. It is a temporary and surface arrangement, useful for living in the world. Therefore, the mind is connected to the ego and desire. Consciousness is linked to the soul and the truth of the deep being. She finds her contentment in herself. This potential of the human being has not yet been manifested. It needs a flow of spiritual energy to appear. Sacred Song.
The goal of this spiritual growth is the transformation of our egocentric mind to something bigger … A cosmic sense must develop in human consciousness … “

Sri Tathâtawords collected by Matthieu Stricot – published on 12/01/2015 in Le Monde des Religions