Sound Healing Dindaï Mahe Isis

ChLBy ChL14 April 20201 Minutes

Prayer in the Temple as a tribute to the Feminine Initiation.
It’s a moment of deep reliance. A time to take care of yourself
and you can activate your own self-healing codes! And thus journey towards this radiant polarity which you shelter in the crucible of the fiery flame of the soul.
To listen preferably with headphones! Relax and focus your attention on what is manifesting in you.
Sound Healing Dindaï Mahe Isis
In fact, it’s a sung prayer. Because it immerses you in the heart of the All-Other if you leave the door of the heart ajar. So, let yourself be found by the spirit of the initiatic feminine … Then, very gently, welcome this subtle dimension that awakens in you …
Good listens to the Crystallins.