Cristal Vibrasons - la harpe de cristal, un instrument dont la sonorité n’a d’égale que la musique des sphères ! Sa singularité, ses effets sur le bien-être et où la trouver : tout vous y sera révélé !

The crystal harp or the Music of the spheres

ChLBy ChL14 April 20204 Minutes

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The crystal harp Or the melody of the spheres for a timeless moment! Indeed, it is a divinely marvelous instrument, whose sound is only equaled by the music of the spheres … The phrase seems poetic, yes! But it is also a Pythagorean theory.

What is the music of the spheres?

In ancient times, the harmony of the spheres or music of the Spheres was based on the harmonious digital relationships that were believed to govern the universe. In fact, several Greek schools had calculated the distances between the planets and matched intervals of music. This therefore created a probable cosmic partition …
Today, even if music has gone beyond ancient norms, we find it in other dimensions, starting from the vibrations of the stellar spheres. The resonant frequencies of the Sun and the stars, for example, are measured and recorded by highly technological instruments like Soho and the Gong network and satellites like Corot or Kepler.

The originality of the crystal harp:

It is an instrument composed of 8 tubes of natural quartz, of variable lengths defining a note on a diatonic scale (from a DO to a DO to the octave). Its sound is high, since it vibrates in octave 5.
However, the purity of its sound range makes each note light, airy or aquatic, and in any case, very pleasant. The great musical magic of the crystal harp is the multitude of harmonics displayed! But it will be very useful for you to be very attentive to these waves of harmonics. It is certainly magnificent, however if you make them overlap in too large a number, it will quickly be a sonic and vibrating shambles!
So, even if you don’t have to be a musician to play it, you will need to be attentive to your energetic languages. For those who listen, it is the assurance of a crystal clear cascade of unusual sensations! The person will quickly lose his usual space-time references to enter a new vibrational universe. And this is the starting point for starting a process of self-healing.

What minds induce the sounds of the crystal harp?

Feelings of buoyancy, lightness, fluidity or great flexibility are often translated by those who have had the grace to receive the sounds of the crystal harp! In addition, it brings joy. In fact, it awakens our inner child and brings soothing and sweetness to the soul. It is therefore an instrument for which we naturally understand evoking magic, the divine or universal onomatopoeias like wow! It has no equivalent. She is unique !

Where to find it?

The crystal harp is more and more noticed by all lovers of crystal clear sounds.
It is part of musical approaches as well as those of well-being or accompaniment for therapeutic purposes.

Cristal Vibrasons has tested many models and now has them created by its own manufacturer-designers. This allows him to offer you a qualitative, solid instrument, at a price studied at the lowest on the market! We have designed with our manufacturer a model without fishing line or adjustment wheel. Only tubes held by resistant medical elastic and above all leaving each tube independent of the other. Consequence: a harp without adjustment because the notes are definitely tuned!

NAMASTE the Crystallins!