Use and overall health

Self-healing with crystal bowl: how it works?

This is about the use of singing crystal bowls as an experience facilitator in self-healing. You will find there 3 small keys to tame this complex…

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correspondances qui pourraient enrichir la pratique avec votre bol chantant en cristal ! Les notes musicales correspondent à des chakras. Cristal Vibrasons

Chakras and Sound: What are the links?

You will find in this article the links and correspondences between the musical notes and the chakras. You will thus better understand what brings…

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La sonologie est une discipline où le son soigne les maux de la vie moderne. Cristal Vibrasons explique les bienfaits d'un bol chantant en cristal

How does the crystal bowl in Energy Sonology work?

The impact of Sounds on emotional states and deep relaxation of body and mind. Article with references for people with loss of autonomy or living…

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